December 7, 2010

#12 Schwippy Christmas Tree

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Control this family’s Christmas Tree.  Very cool stuff.

November 30, 2005

#11 Bar Code Clock

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It’s an online clock that uses javascript to update it — except it has a barcode as it’s “clock.”  Very interesting if you ask me.

November 25, 2005

#10 Computer Stupidities

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I have spend many hours looking through the quotes and stories on this site.  Some people are so stupid with computers!

#9 What’s Special About This Number?

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When I came across this, I was blown away.  This lists [number] facts about numbers 1 through 9999.  Obviously it doesn’t contain every number, because not every number is special, but it is amazing to glance through.

#8 FindSounds

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Have you ever needed to find a sound of a dog barking?  Or how about the sound of a humming bird?  This nifty search engine does just that!

#7 One-Time Pad Generator

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Quoted from the page: This page generates one-time pads or password lists in a variety of forms. It is based a high-quality pseudorandom sequence generator, which can be seeded either from the current date and time, or from a seed you provide.

#6 Thinking Machine 4 [Chess]

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You should visit this site.  If you know anything about the game of chess, you should visit it.  Even if you don’t know how to play chess, you should visit it (You should really learn if you don’t know how to play).  It’s simply amazing how it illustrates how the computer thinks up the next move.


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I am linking this site merely for it’s usage of flash. I think it’s amazing what some people can do. The desktop images made by some people are cool too, but I really just like the frontend.

#4 VectorPark

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Do you get bored easily?  Chances are if you are reading this, you have nothing better to do.  I found that site a while ago and it’s very interesting.  It will keep you occupied for quite some time.  But don’t forget to come back here!

#3 Whois Lookup

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I have always looked for a quick and easy whois lookup.  I was on the verge of killing godaddy before I found this site.  Very simple and straight to the point.  Plus, it has a list of the 100 oldest .com domain names.  Very interesting if you ask me!

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